Welcome to Westfield Table Tennis Club’s booking and membership system. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, players must have made and paid for a booking before they can enter the venue.


Getting Started

Before you can book a table you firstly need to create an account on the system by REGISTERING to become a Non-Member, editing your User Profile and completing all the required fields. Once you have done this, you will be automatically logged into the system where you can select BOOK SESSION from the My Options top level menu which will take you to a page where you can order and pay for a table tennis practice session as a Non-Member. For future bookings simply LOGIN to the system and choose My Options. You will receive a confirmation email for every session that you book. Watch the GETTING STARTED VIDEO on YouTube on how to register and place an order.

After registering and completing your User Profile, you may want to upgrade to a full MEMBERSHIP and either pay £25 to become a Senior Member offering a £2 discount per session or, if you are under eighteen, pay £15 to become a Junior Member offering a £1.50 discount per session. As a Junior or Senior Member, after 15 sessions, the next 15 sessions will cost £2.50 per session. After 30 sessions, the sessions will be free but limited to two free sessions per week. Additional sessions can, however, be purchased.

Help With Finding Practice Partners

Looking for a partner to practice with then visit the WESTFIELD TTC PRACTICE PARTNERS FACEBOOK GROUP and post that you are looking for a partner and if you visit the My Options -> View Members page then you can search for the name of a similar standard player and ask on the Facebook site if they would specifically like a practice session with you.

Covid-19 Related Issues

Please read and follow the Covid-19 Safety Measures information before entering the venue. Due to COVID-19 restrictions you will need to specify who your playing partner will be, this can be done at the Checkout page. Your playing partner will need to have previously registered an account on the system in order for you to book a table otherwise your order will be rejected. Whoever is making the booking will need to pay in advance for the table hire and it is their responsibility to recover their playing partner’s fee. Only one 90 minute table reservation can be booked per evening and per order. Therefore, you will need to order and pay separately for other evenings. Payment is via PayPal but you do not need to have a PayPal account. All major credit cards are accepted.

After your session is completed you will need to leave the venue promptly taking all your belongings with you.