Code of Conduct

Westfield Table Tennis Club expects you to follow the following Code of Conduct which closely adhere’s to that from Table Tennis England. Should it be reported that a participant has failed to adhere to the policy then the club will invoke its Disciplinary Procedures.

Code of Conduct

Table Tennis England expects that everyone involved with table tennis will: respect the rights, dignity and worth of anyone they meet within our sport; treat everyone equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation; accept it is all of our responsibility to challenge any injustice that may occur within our sport; accept that everyone has the right to be protected from abuse.
• Always do your best in every situation and set a positive example to others.
• Observe a spirit of fair play by respecting all others involved in the sport of table tennis.
• Treat both competition and training venues with respect.
• At a competition no young player should leave the venue unless given specific permission by one of the officials or the person responsible for their welfare at the event.
• Players should be responsible for ensuring that they arrive at competitions or training venues with all their correct kit and equipment and must be responsible for their belongings.
• No player should take or in anyway interfere with another person’s property or belongings.
• Treat all the people you meet in table tennis with respect whether they be your opponents, practice partners, coaches, team members, officials or spectators. This also includes negative body language whilst on the table tennis table.
• Always encourage and support your fellow team members at all times without behaving in an unsporting manner towards their opponents.
• Bullying (verbal and physical) of fellow team/squad members or opponents and use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated under any circumstances this includes inappropriate use of social media and texting.
• Do not take banned substances.
• Always address officials or coaches at any competitions or training camps with respect and never question their judgement.
• Abide by the Table Tennis England’s Anti Corruption regulations (available on the Table Tennis England website)
• Take all reasonable measures to protect your own safety and the safety of others both on and off the table.
• Do not do or say anything which brings Table Tennis England, any of its members or the sport into disrepute.
• Read and follow Table Tennis England’s Social Media Policy.
• Table Tennis is your sport so get involved in your club and league – everyone has a voice to be heard in table tennis.
• Do not make inappropriate and/or deliberate physical contact with, or use any threatening or intimidating behaviour against any other participant.
• Follow the Covid-19 advice and procedures given by Table Tennis England and your club.

Disciplinary Procedures

In the event that any participant feels that they have suffered discrimination in any way or that the Club Policies, Rules or Codes of Conduct have been broken they should follow the procedures below:

  1. If the matter is a child protection issue or involves anyone aged under 18 years it should be reported to the club welfare officer or Table Tennis England’s Safeguarding Manager.
  2. For all other complaints the matter should be referred to the club chairman or other appropriate officer. The report should
    i) Details of the incident
    ii) The date and time the incident occurred
    iii) Names of any witnesses or people present at the time of the incident
    iv) Statements from any witnesses
  3. The club disciplinary chairman or other appropriate officer will refer the information to the club management committee. The designated committee will:
    i) Treat every report as confidential
    ii) Not discuss any matters with anyone outside of the committee other than to request expert advice
    iii) Declare immediately if they have a conflict of interest
    iv) Treat each reported incident fairly and equitably
  4. The club management committee will have the power to:
    i) Issue a verbal warning as to future conduct
    ii) Issue a written warning as to future conduct
    iii) Suspend from activities or membership for a period of time
    iv) Expel from the club with no reimbursement of monies paid