COVID-19 Safety Measures

1. When waiting outside, please WAIT for all previous attendees to leave the building before pressing the buzzer. If it’s the first session of the evening, then you can enter FIVE MINUTES before the session start time. Volunteers helping with the first session set up may enter 30 minutes prior to the session start time.

2. Press the buzzer and announce who you are, then, unless you are caring for children or vulnerable adults, enter SINGLY, CLOSE THE DOOR and make your way to the hall. DO NOT wait for your practice partner to join you. Entry should be one at a time to minimise contact with others. Wear a mask before and after entering the building. You may remove your mask after entering your allocated court.

3. We will be placing cones on the floor outside the hall at 2m intervals where you SHOULD WAIT until checked in by the club steward and directed to the table allocated for your session.

4. If playing in a bubble and a player from another table swaps tables the side that he is now playing on should have been WIPED DOWN by the PREVIOUS PLAYER before commencing play. If not playing in a bubble then remain on the same side to avoid wiping down.

 5. Parents and carers will be asked to either leave the venue after dropping the player off or to be seated in the corridor outside and must wear a mask.